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TATA Qualified Manpower

Our staff is recruited from best technical institutes supported by TATA and is groomed through TATA training center on a regular basis to ensure your car is fixed right, First Time! Our Service Advisors are trained to high TATA standards and always willing to assist you.

We only use TATA Genuine Parts!

Why you should insist only on TATA Genuine Parts?

We use TATA Genuine Parts which are designed & engineered specially for your TATA vehicle. Over the years, heavy investments in R&D have been made to study the design, material selection & internal construction of TATA Genuine Parts. These parts are also tested under various simulated extreme conditions to ensure Quality, Reliability, Durability & Warranty. For peace of mind, always insist on TATA Genuine Parts!
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Do TATA Genuine Parts come with any warranty?

All TATA Genuine Parts carry a 6 month TATA Warranty.

What factors can void you of TATA Warranty?

If a non-genuine part is fitted to your TATA, and that part's failure damages your vehicle, then that damage will not be covered by your TATA Warranty. Also, when your car is serviced by a TATA authorised Dealership, any warranty covered repairs identified will be carried out and are covered under your TATA Warranty.

Your TATA Warranty is priceless protection and peace-of-mind. Why would you ever risk it?


Services As Follows :

Full Body Shop
  • Vehicle Paint Repairs
  • Bumper Repairs
  • Dent Repairs
  • Scratch Repairs
  • Auto Glass Replacement
  • Car Accident Repairs
  • Insurance Work
  • Welding
  • Towing
  • Onsite Estimates
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Paint and Labour

Cashless Payment Facilities With Major Insurance Companies (TMI Cashless Facilities)

Mechanical & Electrical Services

We have Computerized Mechanical Services covering all types of Mechanical & Electrical Works such as:

  • Complete Computer Diagnostic and Information Systems
  • Engine Repairs
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Transmission
  • Clutch
  • Coolant Systems
  • A/C Services and Repairs
  • Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • All Maintenance Services
Value Added Services
  • Extended Warranty
  • Protection against unexpected repair bills
  • Teflon Coating
  • Maintains paint in its original condition
  • Protects external layer against scratches
  • Anti-Rust Coating
  • Protects your Car from rusting Damages
  • Insulates cabin space from external noises
  • Insurance Renewals
  • On-the-spot insurance renewal facilities
  • 24/7 (my TVS)
  • Road Assistance If Ever, WherEver, WhenEver
  • Oil Treatment
  • Increases lifespan of your engine
  • Improves cooling system
  • Engine Flushing
  • Better fuel economy
  • Better overall engine operation